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Phasmophobia Console Release

Phasmophobia is the most entertaining horror game that has been successful in keeping its players glued to their seats. This game allows its players to walk around the paranormal landscape by experiencing the realistic backgrounds. During the gameplay, players can feel like they are in a real ghost series.

So, if you are waiting for your much-loving game “Phasmophobia” to be released on console ports, you need to wait for some more time. This ghost-hunting game has been delayed to release once again. As per the latest notification of the Kinetic Games developers, the console release of the Phasmophobia game has been postponed. Originally, it was released in 2023 but because of fire disrupting operations at the developer’s office, the release of this game has been postponed.

Currently, the latest updates have opened up on the new release roadmap including the release plan in 2024. Even though the developers have announced the console release, they have not confirmed the exact date and time of the release. Even, all the expected launch dates have been removed from the sites. Here, the only thing we have found about it is the developers will release it when they are ready for it. Till then, we will have to be patient.

In 2024, enthusiastic players can expect various good news regarding their Phasmophobia game. This game is going to be released on console soon this year.

Roadmap 2024 of Phasmophobia game

The developers of the Phasmophobia “Kinetic games” have shared a roadmap 2024 of this game which we have discussed in the section below. So, look at it very carefully to stay updated:

Version 0.9 includes:

  •        Lighting Overhaul
  •         Item tier adjustments
  •         Shop V3
  •         Eye Adaptation
  •         Screen Space GI
  •         Progression rate improvements

Version 0.10 includes:

  •        New Tasks
  •        Photo Overhaul
  •        Video Evidence
  •         New Equipment: Sounded Recorder
  •         New Options
  •         Reward Changes

Version 0.11 includes:

  •      New player models
  •      Player customization
  •      New animations
  •      CCTV overhaul

Version 1.0 full release includes:

  •          New ghost models
  •          Events overhaul
  •          Hunter overhaul
  •          Hallucinations

·      And many more other exciting versions.

Let us tell you here that the developers have not provided any confirmation on the phasmophobia console release date of the above-mentioned updates but, it will be soon. Further, players can get a new addition in the above versions that will contain the new location called Point Hope.


Talking about point Hope, it is the kind of lighthouse that players can use to experience more fun during the gameplay. It will offer all the players have tight and circular abode containing lots of looping spots and even hiding places near the staircase. Also, it will contain a living room and a creepy maintenance room to walk around the paranormal activities.


In addition to this point of hope, the upcoming roadmap 2024 will also provide the latest updates on the console release of PS5 and Xbox. One thing we are not sure about is the exact date to join the platforms of Sony and Microsoft. The developer (Kinetic Games) said that it will disclose soon once they are ready for the same.

About phasmophobia game

Phasmophobia is a four-person horror game that can be played by any team member. All you need to do is read all the instructions before playing. It contains realistic graphics and sound enough to keep you fully entertained. The developer of the game is Kinetic Games which added lots of its efforts to make this game alive.

Also, the games include EMF readers, spirit boxes, night vision, and thermometers that can be used to find hidden clues. These clues will help the players to collect the evidence of the ghosts and this way, you can get unexceptional laying experiences.

Installation steps of phasmophobia on Android device

We have suggested all the steps by following all the players can download Phasmophobia games easily on their compatible devices. So, look at them to start playing:

Step 1: Open the Google Play on your Android Device.

Step 2: After opening Google Play, you need to type “Phasmophobia” in the search bar.

Step 3: Then, click choose the download button to click. A pop-up window will be displayed on the screen, you must read the instructions and tap on the “Accept” tab.

Step 4: The game will start downloading on your Android device.

Final words:

All the phasmophobia game lovers need to wait some more time to get it released on the console. The developers (Kinetic Games) have not opened up clearly on the exact date to release but, it will be soon when they are ready. We have discussed almost all the details regarding the phasmophobia game in this article. You can go through it and grab the main idea. Hope you like these efforts. Stay tuned!

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