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While surfing on the computer, sometimes we come across various IP addresses that can not be understood completely, such as and These IP addresses look so complicated to recognize but, if we understand their mechanism properly, they can be extremely useful for us.

In this post, we are going to break down this IP address so that we can work better without getting the error message. Also, we will understand how to fix a common error related to this address. So, let’s get started!

What do you mean by

If you are thinking what is this IP address, so you must know everything about it. Let’s discuss first, this code contains two parts mentioned below:

1. This code is known as the “LOCALHOST” address that works internally to convey the messages to your device.

2.   62893: It is a port number that helps in sending and receiving the data for multiple applications. Let us tell you this port 62893 is not as common as other numbers. However, it is used by caching systems sometimes to perform various related things.

Check the advantages of IP Address

If you want to learn what is the benefits of using the IP address, you can go through the points mentioned below to learn its various advantages. 

  • Secure way to verify suspicious attempts: With the help of monitoring the port activity of the IP address, you can determine useless and suspicious attempts in order to access the system.
  • Keep bugs away without going out to the internet: With the help of it, you can keep bugs away because it is a safe, sound, and isolated environment to use. Usually, programmers use localhost to verify all their applications without going out to the internet.
  • Helps in networking: As we know, the IP Address is called the LOCALHOST, so it helps in understanding all network concepts such as TCP or IP and Server-client communications.
  • Make troubleshooting easier: Localhost helps the users pinpoint networks regarding issues, and this practice makes all the troubleshooting tasks easier.
  • Provide a separate environment: Localhost provides an isolated space for all kinds of testing and development tasks. It prevents the clash with other applications.

Can we open port 62893 in public? Is it safe?

If we talk about whether it is safe to open port 62893 in public, it can be risky due to various security risks. Let’s discuss the same in the following section:

  • Security issues: If you run Memcached on port 62893, it contains various vulnerabilities. At this moment, any attacker can get the benefit of this opportunity and get access to your system.
  • Unauthorized accessibility: If you open port 62893 in public, any other user can connect with your server and it will increase the unauthorized access risk.
  • DOS attack: It is also benefit the attackers and hackers as they can target your port with the help of DOS (Denial of service) attacks. It can crash your system and make it unsafe to use.

How IP address works?

The IP address works in various ways. You can check it in the following section:

  • On your device, an application tries to engage with another process.
  • With the help of Localhost, an application communicates with your system that it is interested in something on your host.
  • Then, port number 62893 connects with the operating system and communicates some specific service or program in order to handle it.

How to fix the errors

You can check out the instructions mentioned below to fix all the errors effortlessly. So, look below and stay updated:

  • If your service is stopped, you must use some appropriate scripts to fix it.
  • If you find any port conflict, you must configure the applications so that you can change the port and its settings. Follow the steps below to change the port:

1.  You need to add a rule of exception in the firewall to permit traffic on 62893 for localhost. For this purpose, you need to go to the control panel - security and system – window Defender firewall – advanced settings – inbound rules. Here, you can create a new rule for the 62893 port.
2.   You can also use terminal scripts to configure the firewall such as iptables.

  • You can check the documentation of the applications to learn about certain configuration requirements.
  • Also, you can also use various tools such as Netstat or Isof to verify the applications that already use port 62893.

Wrapping up:

After going through the above discussion, we have concluded that the IP address looks so complicated but is not as complicated as it seems. It contains a fundamental concept that helps in developing and networking. It is extremely helpful in testing and security and provides an isolated environment to the server. You can check every detail mentioned above to enhance your understanding with this IP address.

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