How To Redeem Robux Gift Card Online?

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Robux Gift Card

When I first started playing Roblox, I was pretty confused. I made an account curious to see what the hype was about this “game.” I thought logging in would give me the chance to try out some new RPG or a simulator of some kind, but that wasn’t the case.

You see, Roblox isn’t exactly a “game.” It’s a massive online platform that anyone can mold into anything within a virtual space. So far, users have created millions of games called “experiences” in all sorts of genres: RPG, racing, shooters, builders, exploring, turn-based, you name it.

Players can customize their avatars via the character builder, although this feature is admittedly limited unless they use Robux (Roblox’s virtual currency). They can create their own Worlds using Roblox Studio, and open up their worlds for others to join up and hang out, or play other games together.

There are a few ways to get cheap Robux, players can either earn them by publishing an experience and offering in-experience perks and awards in exchange (not the most casual/beginner friendly), purchasing them via Roblox’s website, or by redeeming a Robux gift card.

This guide will teach you how to redeem a Robux gift card, doesn’t matter if its a physical card or digital gift!

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Redeeming A Robux Gift Card Online

1.   Create/Login to your Roblox Account

You’ll need to log in to your own Roblox account first to redeem your gift card. It’s not possible to perform the redemption from another account.

2.   Head to the Redemption Page

After you’ve logged in (the redemption page automatically sends you back to log in if you haven’t), head to the gift cards page.

it‘s important to note that players can’t perform redemption from a mobile app or gaming console. Robux gift cards can only be redeemed using a web browser.

3.   Keep your PIN code handy

Physical gift cards usually have an area that you can scratch off with a coin to reveal the PIN underneath, while digital gifts usually send the PIN over to the player’s email.

4.   Enter the code and hit Redeem

Enter your code and hit redeem, taking care of any mistypes (on print, sometimes O ends up looking like a 0) 

5.   Check your balance

For a confirmation message on the screen letting you know that your account has been topped up successfully.

How Will The Robux Gift Card Be Delivered?

This depends on how you purchased the gift card. If it’s a physical card through an online store, it’ll be delivered to your doorstep. If it is a digital gift from a loved one, they’ll either send you a link or a PIN that you can redeem. Some may also receive this link in their email.

Do Robux Cards Have An Expiration Date?

Nope! Robux cards can be redeemed whenever, and will not expire. Ever. This includes physical Robux cards and also Robux cards purchased from U7BUY!

What Payment Methods Can I Use To Buy A Roblox Gift Card?

You can use

  1. Visa
  2. MasterCard
  3. Discover Card
  4. American Express
  5. Paypal
  6. Google Pay

To purchase cards from Roblox’s website directly. Alternatively, players can use U7BUY’s services, which accept (including those mentioned above, except PayPal and Google Pay)

  1. Diner’s Club International
  2. Union Pay
  3. Link
  4. Alipay

What To Do When There’s An Issue Redeeming Your Robux Card

In most cases, there are no hiccups during the Robux redemption process. However, if an unfortunate event does occur, gamers can email Robux with their account and order details to get the issue sorted out with them.

If the purchase was made through U7BUY, don't worry! U7BUY’s dedicated customer support team is available around the clock to help players sort out these issues! Just visit the customer support page and provide your email address. The rest is cake.

How Much Do Robux Gift Cards Cost?

I went ahead and did something nerdy. Below is a table and corresponding chart showing how much the price of Robux differs from USD. It’s a straight line, meaning you won’t get ripped off for spending less money on-site!

USD/$         Robux

10      800

15      1200

20      1700

25      2200

30      2700

40      3600

50      4500

75      7000

100    10000

125    13000

150    16000

200    22500


Robux Gift Cards Cost

What Else Can You Do With Your Robux Gift Card?

Bonus And Exclusive Items

These gift cards come with extra virtual items as a bonus, and sometimes, Roblox is kind enough to attach an exclusive item code (seasonal, holidays, etc) to the gift card as well. Be on the lookout for those!

Beware Of Scammers Online

Once you get your hands on a gift card, there’s always a chance of a 3rd party trying to get their hands on it for free. Beware of fishy-looking screens popping up or dubious emails asking for your PIN code.

U7BUY is a trusted vendor of gaming-related items, know your sources before buying from them!


Play games, buy chocolate shakes, buy perks, and avatars, donate to your favourite experience or content creators, show off, and do whatever you had been wishing to do with your Robux. The only limit is the number on the screen!

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