Revolutionize Real Estate Business With KYC Video Identification

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The KYC video identification process helps the real estate sector streamline its business workflow and enhance its security against growing cybercrimes. 

Real estate businesses require reliable solutions for their security and streamlined work operations. Know Your Customer (KYC) verification is uplifted, and video methods revolutionize real estate. It is safe, secure, and easy for companies and users, enabling stakeholders to verify their user identities in easy and simple steps with the help of artificial intelligence(AI). It is a more accurate and practical way of verifying individual identities and protecting real estate businesses from fake investors, unauthorized buyers, and fraudsters. 

KYC Video Identification System - A Quick Overview

Companies employ KYC video identification in their user authentication process to assess their legitimacy. It is the next evolution of the KYC compliance process, which provides firms with more accurate identity verification results for multi-level security protocols. Firms may conduct video identification methods by involving live KYC agents during online interviews with clients. Some companies use automated video capturing at some moments of KYC flow and detect fraud signals to secure the onboarding process.  On the basis of its leverage ways, KYC video identification methods involve two strategies to protect firms from ever-growing criminal attacks, which are discussed: 

1.  KYC Verification during Live Interview With User 

It involves a direct interview of the KYC agent with a user during the onboarding process on a video call. It involves face-to-face conversations, which provide a way to ask questions from individuals to identify their legitimacy. It also involves user liveness detection, which helps detect spoofing and contributes to user risk assessment. Video interviews serve as effective means to avoid fraud risks as they involve live agents. Additionally, companies can employ video interviews for users with high-risk profiles and in the enhanced due diligence process. 

2.  KYC Video Automatic Identification 

Companies can also use techniques to automate the capture of video and audio during the user onboarding process. It varies according to the organization, and some companies choose to record whole sessions while others only note key moments automatically. It may involve selfies or document-uploading moments. It does not involve KYC agents, but the entire process works through artificial intelligence. Companies use an automatic KYC video identification process with computerized strategies to enhance their user experience. Many individuals hesitate to disclose their information before a KYC agent, which may create complexities. 

KYC video Identification and Real Estate Business 

In the real estate sector, the video KYC process allows the direct capture of information, which is not a feature of the traditional process. It provides a way to eliminate fraudsters and protect the remote registration landscape. KYC video calls involve direct face liveness detection of user ID and allow automated cross-match of facial data with public and private databases. Additionally, the KYC video identification process assists real estate sectors with the following major perks: 

Global Business Scalability With Automic ID Verification Process

Businesses that adhere to modern identity verification solutions can only protect their networks from criminal attacks. Companies that do not utilize the KYC verification process are vulnerable to fraud and legal complications. Therefore, real estate businesses also use the KYC video identification process to enhance security from cyber crimes. It assists real estate businesses with a secure user online registration process. It does not only protect the business landscape but also provides a way to enhance business scalability globally with reliable security protocols.  It assists real estate sectors in utilizing automatic ID verification methods and growing their business at the intercontinental level. 

Worldwide Protection from Criminal Attacks and Fake IDs

KYC video identification for ID verification is a more common practice nowadays. Organizations adopt modern solutions to streamline their operations and eliminate cybercrimes. It provides worldwide protection for its automatic and remote services. 

Moreover, the KYC video verification process serves real estate businesses to identify user risk potential and overcome money laundering attacks. The KYC process provides a way to have legal rules of obedience and enhances firms' reliability by overcoming every future complexity. 

Background Security Checks Via AI Technology 

Real estate businesses use an automatic KYC video identification process for a seamless background check application. During the smooth KYC process, user video is captured and verified automatically through various automatic algorithms of artificial intelligence. This video serves real estate sectors to have a multi-layered security process as it allows the review of the necessary information to detect fraud signals for a user with a high-risk profile. 

Concluding Remarks 

The KYC video identification process is revolutionizing the real estate sector with modern security measures. It helps real estate businesses verify their users during the remote registration process through background ID verification checks. Additionally, it assists with automatic ID verification solutions and streamlines business operations with a frictionless user onboarding process. The KYC video call process involves instructions for users to move randomly and ensure their legitimacy through the liveness detection process. This process involves real-time user identification, document verification, and biometric security methods to serve real estate businesses with a more accurate and modern user identification process. 


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